Irmgard Gorzawski Irmgard Gorzawski
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The harp abducts into a sound world full of colour, richness and beauty.

Irmgard Gorzawski’s repertoire includes works from over five centuries. With her subtly differentiated play she confidently leads the listener through the different epochs and their styles.

Not only does she concentrate on the compositional heyday of the harp – Romanticism and Impressionism – she also examines the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical Period and devotes herself to contemporary compositions.

The concert soloist, chamber musician and orchestra harpist uses the richness of formal possibilities of her instrument in her balanced and coherent programs. Her musical persuasiveness makes Irmgard Gorzawski’s concerts an extraordinary artistic experience.

Irmgard Gorzawski - Harfenistin